Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Plant a Row

The good people of the Garden Writers Association know that when we plant our gardens, even though everything may not succeed, we get more of some things than we can use. I, personally, choose indeterminate varieties of everything. Even so, I've always got stuff to give away. So, they decided to put gardeners in touch with Food Banks who are distributing food to people in need.

If you've got a garden and you don't know who else to give squash and tomatoes to, they DO! Go to their site Plant a Row for the Hungry and let them provide you with the names, addresses and phone numbers of Food Banks in your area. Then you can pick out a convenient one and make donations. You'll encourage them in their work and make a difference in someone's life and their nutrition.

If you keep track of what you give and the cost of your gardening supplies, you can even take those costs of production as a charitable tax deduction.

No one will make any demands on you. You aren't obligated to regular deliveries and if it isn't a lot, they don't mind. But you might be surprised at what happens. My garden (and my gardening skills) are modest but I've already given 23 pounds of produce — and my tomatoes haven't even begun to ripen yet!

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