Monday, May 30, 2005

Just for Debbie

I haven't been able to catch my kitties in the garden yet but here they are chez eux just for Debbie to enjoy.

Here is Templeton at leisure.

His little buddy Sylvester is practicing his bedroom eyes. Ain't he sexy though!

Maggie is Sylvester's littermate. She did not want her picture taken but she did consent to play with the dangling camera strap while I made an ass of myself chasing her all over the place trying to get her to look at the camera. Maggie is short for Magellan. We gave her that name because she was distinctly the most curious and adventurous of the three from the very start. Lately, I'm thinking of re-naming her Miss Adventure or even Misadventure because the more she enjoys being outside the less we see of her.
Maggie's Face

Sylvester also went through several names until we found the right one for him. A cable installation guy thought he should have been called Sylvester and he was absolutely right! Apart from the perfect coloration, if you picked him up you'd instantly see that he's slim and trim enough under all that fur except for his belly which is enormous and round. That's not criticism -- it's a profile I've come to adopt myself...

Here Sylvester is telling Maggie a secret. What do you think? Is Templeton merely curious? Or more than a little miffed at the rudeness of being left out?


Blogger Just Me said...

Oh, too adorable, Rainey. I am a cat lover myself. I have a orange tabby named Maramalade who is a little more orange but unfortunately she is quite nasty. There has been talk on several occasions of having her put down but I keep saying that if we got rid of all nasty creatures on this earth there wouldn't be many of us left! My other cat, Jenny, is a calico and the love of my life. She was inherited from my late mother-in-law and she is as precious as precious can be: except when she attacks Marmalade!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Rainey said...

Heather! Delighted to have you come visit my cyber garden! And, look!, there's Jenny as well. ;>

What is it about orange cats? We have had a couple over the years who were not so well adapted or not so entirely thrilled to be living with humans. I wouldn't have chosen another orange one but my son was most specific about having one. At 18 he's a bit on the prickly side himself some days...

But Templeton has turned out to be a love. He just comes up to get loved for about 45 seconds and then he's back on his way. But he seems to like to touch base and let us know he's thinking of us. Or is he making his demand that we never forget to think of him? hmmmmm...

9:48 AM  

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