Monday, May 23, 2005

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Sadly, my Stupice continues to have more and more foliage involved in whatever blight it has. I can't say how painful it is to pinch off the affected leaves, further defoliating my plant. This is the only plant I have that's anywhere near producing a tomato. And this particular plant is just loaded with immature fruit. Merde! I sprayed it again this morning and then put in a thick mulch of chopped straw. I hope this isn't too much a case of closing the door after the horse is out of the barn...

The good news is the Kellogg's Breakfast stem that I broke off a few days ago continues to look like it will take root. It won't be a good candidate for that pot (should Stupice need to be replaced at some point), but I just potted up another volunteer I took out of the area where the yellow pepper is planted. That could probably go in there but I must remember to replace all of that infected soil.
Volunteer IV

I also pinched some diseased bottom foliage off Volunteer I and mulched it heavily. The progression of the blight is much slower on this plant. And, thank god, the tomatoes in the enclosure continue to look vibrant without a sign of disease.

First 8Ball Squash The very good news is I pollinated the female blossom of an Eight Ball squash this morning. A crookneck has a female blossom that will probably open tomorrow. Buzz buzz, and all that! Now if only I could make honey... And I guess I'm close to the point where I'll need to be checking daily to do my pollination duties.

I thinned the second foot of beets I planted a couple weeks ago. I also planted another foot. And while I was at it, I officially gave up on the carrots that have disappeared from the same hill. I planted some Chinese cabbage seeds I got for free when I ordered asparagus seeds in their place. The variety is Michihili. This area dries out quickly. I've had to water it midday and also again at night.


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