Monday, May 30, 2005

De la Vigne a la Table dans Cinq Minutes

I dunno but mabbee I'm actually becoming a blogger (of however dubious quality) because tonight when I went to pick beans for dinner (impulsive little beast that I am) I stopped and thought "Wait! I must take some photos first!"! So, here they are:

Purple beans are soooo easy to pick. Royal Burgundy Ready to Pick Thank god 'cause I'll soon be picking them every 3 or 4 days. However clearly the stark contrast announces their presence, they have their own mystery: why do bean vines put out their leaves in three's and their beans in two's...

Here they are in all their pre-dinner splendor. Royal Burgundy in the Basket

And, now, they must have heard that their moments are numbered because they've gone all green with trepidation. ...and strategically applied steam. Royal Burgundy's for Dinner

I wish I could show you how we enjoyed them but forks were flying and it didn't seem wise to put a camera in anyone's face!


Blogger Ana said...

Do you mean to say that purple beans become green when cooked? How disappointing....

10:05 AM  
Blogger Rainey said...

They DO! As do purple artichokes and purple asparagus.

I was disappointed the first time too. But, if you've got a little kid around, it can be a tiny bit magical too. A friend got her son to eat some veggies that way. ;>

Lovely to see comments from you. I hope you didn't have to wait too long for a reply.


12:08 PM  

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